SSW and Immigration: An Invitation to Respond in Faith


This web page is dedicated to helping our church respond to our Lord and Savior, particularly as he is seen and found in the least of these our brothers and sisters who cross borders.

An Invitation to Respond in Faith

Through prayer:

“Prayer is central to who we are. We invite you to pray with us for all suffering on both sides of the border. We recognize that fear, hatred, tension, and division in our communities and the deaths of over 5,000 migrants in our deserts since 1995 is not God’s will. We pray for the day when people will come from east and west, north and south, to eat together at God’s banquet; the day when the wall that divides us will be turned on its side and become a table that unites us”. Prayer suggestions for justice and peace on our border can be found here.

Through education:
“As Presbyterians we are committed to engaging complex social, economic and political issues by seeking understanding through study. We are open to the transformation of our minds.”

  • Synod will provide two full tuition scholarships to each presbytery for the seminar, “Immigration: A Faithful Response” at Ghost Ranch August 1-7, 2011: Apply for scholarships through your Presbytery. Click here for information regarding the seminar.
  • Support for Presbytery workshops, panels, etc., on the topic of immigration: Synod will provide up to $1000 to each presbytery to host workshops on the topic of immigration;
  • Invite pastors of the Four-Synod Covenant (Southwest, Sun, Noroeste, and Israel), to submit sermons on the topic of immigration to be compiled into a synod resource to share with the larger church; and,
  • Organize a Synod-wide virtual book study on Daniel Carroll’s Christians At the Border, a survey of Scripture as it relates to immigration; Christians at the Border, A Review.

Through economic responses:

  • Continue to endorse and support Just Coffee/Café Justo as a partner in doing justice; and,
  • Be open to providing financial support that would promote economic stability in the communities from which migrants come. Such support could be in the form of actual investment in business opportunities such as Just Coffee or other projects suggested by the Border Ministry Team.
  • Endorsement Statement of Café Justo
  • PCUSA Enough for Everyone
  • Kiva – Loans that change lives

Through advocacy: