Nominating Committee

Duties of the Nominating Committee are:

  1. To seek the advice of the Committee on Representation; (G-9.0l05)
  2. To nominate persons for Synod committees, commissions, and task forces and teams
  3. To recommend persons to be nominated by the synod to General Assembly committees and councils when requested to do so;
  4. To nominate persons for the following offices from among the elders and ministers of the Word and Sacrament of synod: moderator, moderator-elect and treasurer.
  5. To nominate moderators of committees, task forces and teams.

Nominating Committee
Elder Larry Biehl (deC), Moderator
The Rev. Phil Courtney (GC)
Elder Mary Danforth (GC)
The Rev. Stephanie Hamilton (deC)
Elder Judy Pingle (SB)
The Rev. Norm Story (SB)
The Rev. Judy Wellington (SF)