Finance and Property

Responsibilities assigned to the committee include developing the operating budget for the synod, making recommendations concerning synod per capita, and propose budget adjustments to synod during the year. The committee shall provide reports to the synod regarding its status.  The annual budget of the synod for the following year will be presented for adoption at the annual meeting in October.

The Committee will recommend to the Synod the use of restricted and unrestricted funds, and review proposals from within the synod and/or presbyteries for specific projects which may fulfill the regional ministry objectives of the synod.

Finance & Property Committee
RE Nancy Maushak (SB), Moderator
TE Doug Baer (GC)
RE Rickisue Daly (SF)
TE Charles Proudfoot (GC)
RE Ann Ruback (SB)
RE Carolyn Rhodes (SF)
RE Floyd Hardin (GC)
TE Bill Voigt (deC)
RE Mary Lynn Walters (GC), Treasurer