Communication Team

The Synod shall have a communication team of six members, two of whom shall be commissioners, representing all four presbyteries.  The team shall enhance the comprehensive communication of the synod and developing effective communication tools by:

  1. Optimizing the website as an interactive communication tool;
  2. Using assorted media to communicate with congregations and  presbyteries, such as:  website, email, bulletin and newsletter inserts, synod newsletter, DVD/CD for interpretation and teaching;
  3. Encouraging face-to-face communication;
  4. Using web-based resources for leadership training and development.

Communication Team
TE David Hicks (GC), Moderator
RE Diane Shifflet (deC)
TE Bart Smith (deC)
TE Ray Thomas (deC)
RE Amanda Dunlap (SB)
TE Seth Finch (SF)