Committee on Representation & Nominations (CoRN)

The Committee on Representation and Nomination’s main function shall be to advise the Synod regarding the principles of unity and diversity; to advocate for diversity in leadership; and, to consult with the Synod on the employment of personnel, in accordance with the principles of unity and diversity in F-1.0403. (G-3.0103)

Every effort will be made to identify members to be fully representative of presbyteries within the Synod and broadly representative of the constituency of the Synod and in conformity with the church’s commitment to unity and diversity as set forth in F-1.0403. (G-3.0111).

CRE Larry Biehl (deC), Moderator
CRE Mary Danforth (GC)
RE Judy Pingle (SB)
The Rev. Norm Story (SB)
The Rev. George Bitar (deC)
The Rev. Stephanie Hamilton (deC)
The Rev. Judy Wellington (GC)