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Letter to the President in Support of Sanctuary and in Hope of Administrative Relief

The Reverend Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, wrote a letter to the President of the United States in support of Sanctuary and in Hope of Administrative Relief. The full letter may be viewed here.


Middle Eastern Presbyterian Fellowship

The Middle Eastern Presbyterian Fellowship is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) though Presbytery de Cristo in Tucson, AZ.  To learn more about the ministry, click here.  To financially support this ministry, click here.


Ruling Elders

Did you know?  Ruling Elder Ministries is a new focus of the Office of General Assembly with the vision of providing support and training to the office of Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  Our very own Stated Clerk/Executive, Ruling Elder Conrad Rocha, contributed an article regarding the financial responsibilities of Ruling Elders. Check out the site here.


Presbyterians Today

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Presbyterians News Source

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